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    HDAII Coaching & Consulting offers you Business and Performance Coaching services that transform you from the person you are to the person you deserve to be!

Howard Douglas Austin II

Founder, HDAII Coaching & Consulting

Howard’s passion for educating and empowering each of his clients towards personal and business growth is unmistakable. A man who found great success in his own endeavors as a healthcare executive has now turned his focus on sharing his expertise in personal development and performance optimization with each person he works with, allowing them to exceed their own expectations of themselves.

Howard wrote his first book entitled Winning: Living Your Best Life to share his powerful life strategies and solutions for the masses. Combining motivation and practical tools to guide readers to get the best out of each day, the book is perfect for anybody ready to break through the barriers of their life and fulfill their true potential.

Bringing the Best Out of You

HDAII is dedicated to working closely with businesses and individuals to open up incredible new opportunities for growth, development and success.

We bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be by empowering you to take control of your own destiny. Through a variety of proven techniques, HDAII’s services help you master the changes needed to lay the foundation for long-term, meaningful prosperity.

The Coaching You Need for REAL Results

Our programs are designed to get the most out of you!

Whether in the boardroom, at home or on the field, HDAII understands how to bring out the best in you.

We use effective techniques to boost confidence, improve critical thinking, maximize efficiency and simply allow you to get the best out of yourself and your business every moment of every day!

We address the root causes of any weaknesses, then develop an actionable plan that turns you into the leader you know you can be!

HDAII Programs for Business

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Business Coaching

Business Coaching

Get valuable insights, accountability and a roadmap to achieve all the goals you want in your professional life, while maintaining a healthy work/life balance.

Business Consulting

Business Consulting

Learn the business management strategies, growth tactics and leadership plans used by the world’s top entrepreneurs to turn any business into a profitable, successful venture.

Motivational Speaking

Motivational Speaking

Let HDAII energize, motivate and inspire your team members to be the best they can be for your business with a captivating, entertaining speaking session.

HDAII Personal Performance Programs

Personal Performance

Are you looking to break free from barriers that are holding you back in any aspect of your life? Whether it is your career, financial, relationships, physical or more, even the most successful people have elements they can improve upon.

We work together to discover the challenges that are currently holding you back and design a plan that lets you break through to unleash the power you have within!

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Key business coaching benefits reported by our clients:

  • Increased sales, revenue & profit
  • Improved marketing / sales strategy & implementation
  • Greater operational efficiency
  • Greater systems in place to identify key performance indicators
  • Increased productivity / effectiveness, improved decision making
  • Enhanced development of strategic planning goals and strategy
  • Development of new business vision / mission / plans

Key Personal performance benefits reported by our clients:

  • Greater confidence and motivation
  • Increased productivity
  • Felt more in control, stopped procrastinating and putting things off
  • Reduced doubts and fears
  • Less stressed, better work / life balance
  • Greater performance

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