HDAII Coaching & Consulting was founded by Howard Douglas Austin II so that he could fulfill his desire to assist others in transforming their lives the way he did to his own.

After working hard to obtain his Bachelor of Science, Finance from Southeastern Louisiana University, Howard began working in the healthcare industry at just 21-years-old. Within just three years he transformed a small startup firm into a company that generated multi-million dollar revenues.

Howard Douglas Austin II

Founder, HDAII Coaching & Consulting

He continued his career within other organizations, leading some to generate over $25 Million in revenue, while facing more challenging situations in his other ventures. This blend of high-level success and heartbreaking failure taught Howard vital lessons in both business and personal development, allowing him to learn from his experiences and grow even stronger moving forward.

Now, he is ready to share everything that he has learned with others so that he may encourage, inspire and educate them based on the experiences that shaped him into the man that he is today.

More Than Simply a Life Coach

Howard blends a variety of elements into his mission to empower others: motivational speaking, business consulting, personal performance coaching, book writing and much, much more.

His dedication to making sure each client he works with receives his full attention, his genuine care and his guarantee of success has garnered him a reputation for being more than just a life coach.

When you work with HDAII, you know you have the backing of somebody who will stop at nothing to exceed your business, personal and spiritual expectations!

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