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Let HDAII Take Your Business to the Next Level

We offer all the planning, strategizing, coaching and motivation you need to turn any business into a prosperous organization with long-term success.

Howard Douglas Austin II

Founder, HDAII Coaching & Consulting

HDAII Programs for Business

No matter what industry you are in, your annual revenue or the size of your staff, we work closely with you to offer the guidance and insights that will drive growth moving forward.

Practical Learning. Real Results.

We build your leadership skills, help you make informed-decisions and instill the confidence you need for real, concrete results!

All of our business coaching programs are based on our ability to provide you with the real results that directly impact your business

Each coaching session you undergo is an investment in yourself, in your business and in your future.

Business Coaching

Learn to grow your business while excelling in your personal life, too!

As a business owner, we understand that you have a lot on your plate. From managing daily operations to managing your team and everything in between, there are a lot of responsibilities for one person to consider.

Our Business Coaching Program addresses a combination of the practical work-related initiatives that you can use to grow your business efficiently, while also considering your work/life balance.

By developing and implementing strategic plans that address the needs of your business and your personal life, we lay the foundation of success both.

Business Consulting

Let our past experience of business success guide you!

Are you a business owner that has sacrificed your time, your life and your energy for your business only to see it fall short of where it deserves to be?

HDAII comes in to provide you with Business Consulting based off the valuable lessons learned by Howard Douglas Austin II in his journey from startup staff member to healthcare executive.

We assess the situation and needs of your business to understand where you currently are and where you can be. Then, we create a strategic plan that can be easily implemented to turn your business into a profitable, revenue-generating machine that you know it can be!

Don’t spend another day settling for a business that is less than what you deserve.
Let HDAII plan, optimize and streamline your operations to make it happen.

Motivational Business Speaking

Sometimes a business needs an extra injection of motivation, inspiration and excitement to get the team members united towards accomplishing their goals.

Howard’s dynamic and entertaining approach to business speaking captures the attention of the audience the moment he begins, having them hang onto his every word until the very end.

If you want to get your team fired up while hearing about the unconventional path that an executive took to get to the top of the corporate ladder, then HDAII’s speaking is right for you!

Executive Coaching

High-performance coaching to enhance critical thinking in executives

Investing in your management is the most important decision that you can make as a business. By providing your leaders with the knowledge and development to effectively plan, communicate and lead, you lay the foundation for success across your entire organization.

HDAII provides strategic coaching aimed directly at executives, allowing them to operate your business at its peak performance. Each executive will learn to get the most out of themselves, their personnel and their company, driving the growth and business forward while making impactful, positive decisions.

We teach executives to:
● Become strong, passionate leaders
● Strategically design and implement action plans
● Build and grow effective teams
● Manage time and tasks as efficiently as possible
● Optimize productivity and build company morale
● Network to make important connections

Whether you are a business owner or an executive yourself, the time is now to make an investment that will transform the way that your business is run!

Get the results from your leadership team that can take your business to the next level.

Business Turnaround Consulting

If you’re like many business owners, you’ve sacrificed a lot for your company: worked long hours, juggled payroll and vendors, and missed family events. And now it is becoming more and more tough to generate a profitable business with all the ever so changing rules, regulations, marketing & technology changes.

We Can Help

When you hire us as your turnaround consultant, we will develop a custom turnaround plan for your business and help you implement it:

● First, we will stabilize your cash flow and help calm things down with your lenders and creditors.
● Second, we will conduct tests to identify your business problems. Based on the results, we’ll recommend solutions, prepare a cash forecast, and develop a written turnaround plan for your company. We have the ability to not only analyze financials but also the operations of the business.
● Third, we will prepare a series of action items and help you implement them as you guide the turnaround to a successful conclusion.
Our turnaround assessments can typically be completed in approximately one month. In difficult cases, additional time may be required.

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