• Creating Positive Change in the Next Generation

    HDAII is dedicated to giving back by providing children aged 12 to 18 and college students with skill development to allow them to get the most out of their lives!

Making an Impact on Our Future

We understand that the children are our future.

We have developed two Mentorship Programs that aim to provide both our next generation with the instruction, resources and confidence to live their dreams.

Howard Douglas Austin II

Founder, HDAII Enterprises

Child Mentorship Program

Each month, we accept 25 children between the ages of 12 to 18, at absolutely no cost.

Our Mentorship Program ensures that they have a strong support system to realize their goals for the future, then learn the skills and habits that will help them accomplish those goals.

From confidence building and leadership development to other learning-based resources, HDAII is proud to help build our leaders of tomorrow, today!

If you believe your child can benefit from the program

College Mentorship Program

For any students currently enrolled in University, College, Trade School or any formal Post-Secondary Education between the ages of 17 to 23, our mentorship program helps them get career-ready.

We believe that the key to a well-rounded education is not only the lessons learned in the classroom, but also the skills that can translate directly into the workforce.

As a leader that has successfully navigated both the corporate and entrepreneurial worlds, Howard leads the students in a variety of practical, functional exercises that prepare them for their professional careers.

If you are a post-secondary student looking to learn the extra skills for your career

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