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Ready to Unleash Your Unstoppable Force?

Is there something holding you back from living the life you want?
Do you feel that you could be doing more with yourself?
Are you unsatisfied with your career, love life, athletic abilities or any other aspect of your life?

Let our Performance Coaching Program break you free from your barriers!

Howard Douglas Austin II

Founder, HDAII Coaching & Consulting

What is Performance Coaching?

Performance Coaching is the life-changing program that takes a holistic look at your life and provides you with the ability to improve self-confidence, time management, goal setting, self-awareness and more.

When you work with a passionate Performance Coach like HDAII that examines your life, listens to your needs and works with you to unleash your limitless potential, you will feel more control and power over yourself than ever before.

Building New, Positive Habits

We all have habits that hold us back. Whether we are shy, we procrastinate, we are proud, etc., these habits contribute to the barriers that prevent us from reaching our goals.

Our Performance Coaching helps you reflect to accept the habits that you would like to change. Then, we begin building a program that allows you to create powerful new habits which contribute to your personal growth each day.

Get Unstuck

If you feel that you’re currently stuck in your career, relationship, financially or any other way, there is always a way out. Sometimes, when you try to deal with the problems yourself, you simply can’t see how easy a solution is.

Our Performance Coaching lets you set goals for your life, then implement an actionable plan to make them a reality. An easy, step-by-step approach makes even the most ambitious goals seem very attainable by taking it day-by-day!

Find Your Purpose

HDAII knows all about purpose. The man founded HDAII Coaching & Consulting based off of his passion for helping others become the best version of themselves they can be.

Despite being a successful healthcare executive, he made the decision to follow his own path and purpose so that he could achieve the ultimate fulfillment in his life.

Now, he is ready to work as your Personal Performance Coach to help you find yours!

Invest in Your Own Performance

When you register for our Performance Coaching, you are making the decision to get real, actionable results across your life.

The program begins with an in-depth discovery session, in which we get to know each other, discuss goals and begin building a performance plan for you.

The first session costs $250, but includes a 100% money-back guarantee if you feel that working with HDAII is not right for you.

That means you have absolutely no financial risk and everything to gain by registering for our Performance Coaching today!

Don’t spend your life settling for mediocrity when you can discover your true purpose, passion and power!

Contact HDAII now to schedule your first Personal Performance session.

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